Privacy policy

Customer privacy policy

This policy refers to personal data that you, as our Customer, provide to AM Furnitūra, as well as all data that AM Furnitūra obtains as a result of co-operation. Please read this information carefully prior to becoming our customer or prior to the use of our internet website

1. Information on the controller

Your personal data processing controller is AM Furnitūra, Registration No. 50003397691; registered address: Riga, Ķīšezera iela 9, LV-1026.

For more information, visit our website

2. Contact information for communiation on the issues of personal data protection

If you have questions regarding this Policy or your personal data processing, please contact us by writing your message to the e-mail address

3. Objective and legal justification of personal data processing

AM Furnitūra collects and processes personal data of the Customers and/or their contact persons to perform the assumed contractual liabilities, ensure the provision of services, customer relations management, processing of purchases/orders, accepting payments, as well as protecting the legal interests of AM Furnitūra. In the listed cases, the obtaining and processing of certain personal data is required for the ensuring of co-operation and the failure to submit them may endanger the commencement of co-operation and/or the performance of the contract.

AM Furnitūra can process your personal data in business-related activities in the area of marketing with the purpose of providing topical information on our offers and/or inform on loyalty programmes prepared especially for you. We can also process personal data to obtain your evaluation on the service provided by us in order to improve the quality of Customer service. Data processing for marketing communication, for the provision of invitations and offers is voluntary, we will ask for your consent to commence such communication. You may refuse to be involved in such communication at any time, in accordance with the provisions of Section 10 of the Policy.

4. Collection of personal data

We may obtain your personal data from you or a company represented by you in any of the following ways:

  • during the mutual process of contract conclusion;
  • during the co-operation process, by processing an order;
  • if you apply for participation in the seminars organised by us;
  • if you submit any type of document to us, e-mail, call us, etc.;
  • If you perform authentication on our websites and/or use cookies;
  • in some cases from third parties (for instance, data bases) in the process of concluding a mutual contract;
  • in any other way, in compliance with the legal grounds of personal data processing.

The collected personal data, among others, include the following data, as well as amendments thereof:

  • name, surname, date of birth and personal ID number;
  • contact information, for instance, e-mail address, address and telephone number, as well as for corporate customers – details of the company represented by the subject, delivery address, information that is related to the position of the subject and their contact information at the company and the rights of authorised representation;
  • information on communication;
  • transaction data.

5. Disclosure of personal data to third parties

AM Furnitūra implements appropriate data protection measures to ensure that your personal data are not accessed by third parties, who do not have the respective legal grounds to process them. We carefully select personal data processors and, when making data transfer, we evaluate the necessity of it and the amount of the data to be transferred. Data transfer to the processors is executed subject to the requirements of the confidentiality and safe processing of personal data.

Your personal data may be transferred:

  • To our employees, who require such for the performance of their work duties;
  • To co-operation partners – IT developers and maintainers, providers of transport services, auditors, financial management and legal consultants;
  • To state institutions, pursuant to the receipt of a substantiated request, in accordance with the procedures and in the amounts provided for by external regulatory enactments;
  • For the purposes of the protection of the rights of AM Furnitūra in the cases provided for by the external regulatory enactments, for instance, when filing claims to courts or other state institutions against the person who has violated our legal interests.

6. Transfer of personal data beyond the EU/EEA

AM Furnitūra does not transfer your personal data beyond the European Union or the European Economic Area.

7. Cookies

We may use small files (cookies) on the website of our online store, our website and the website A cookie is a small text file, which is sent to your computer or mobile device during the visit to the website and which is saved by the website on your computer or mobile device, when you open the website. During each of the following visits to the website, the cookies are sent back to the website of their origin, or another website that recognises these cookies. The cookies function as memory of the particular website, enabling the website to remember your computer during the following visits. The cookies are used to increase the functionality of our website and facilitate its use. We can also use cookies and similar methods for statistical purposes in order to summarise anonymous statistics that refer, for instance, to the use of the web, which allows us to understand how the users are using the website and improve the user experience

Find out more information on our Cookie policy here.

You can change the settings of your web browser so that it prohibits the use of cookies, limits their use or deletes the cookies from the browser. However, cookies are essential to ensure the operation of our website, therefore, the use of cookies can affect the functionality of the website. For additional information on cookies and the possibilities of cookie management or deletion, visit the website .

8. Storing of personal data

AM Furnitūra only processes and stores your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the reaching of the objectives indicated in the present Policy, or in accordance with the provisions of the external regulatory enactments. Most of your personal data are only stored during business relations, or for the duration the customer consents to the respective processing of personal data. However, some personal data can be stored after the expiry of customer relations, if required by external regulatory enactments, for instance, accounting source documents, invoices, contracts, or while such storage is required for the protection of the legal interests of AM Furnitūra.

Your personal data shall be deleted, when the aforementioned conditions expire.

9. Personal data protection

AM Furnitūra ensures the protection of the collected personal data by applying appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent unsanctioned access, disclosure, accidental or illegal loss, amendments or destruction thereof. We try to use all protective measures that are reasonably justified in accordance with our financial and organisational capacity, as well as the development of technical capacities, however, you must consider that none of the security systems can guarantee the elimination of all violations of personal data safety.

10. Rights and duties regarding personal data

You have the duty to inform AM Furnitūra, if the personal data submitted by you have changed. You also have the duty to inform us, if you have noticed that the personal data processed by us are imprecise or outdated.

You are entitled to request and obtain information on your personal data received and processed by AM Furnitūra, as well as to request the correction, deletion, limiting of processing of the data, object to personal data processing, as well as you are entitled to the transferability of the data in the cases and in accordance with the procedures provided for by the General Data Protection Regulation, as well as you are entitled to recall the consent to personal data processing provided by you.

After the receipt of your written request, we will check your identity, assess the request and provide a reply within the time period provided for by the regulatory enactments. We will meet your request regarding the correction or deletion of data, if it is permitted by law, and does not affect the commercial activity or the performance of liabilities of AM Furnitūra.

Please forward your request that is associated with the implementation of your rights on the issues of personal data protection in one of the following ways:

  • by a written application to the address of AM Furnitūra: Riga, Ķīšezera iela 9, LV-1026;
  • by an e-mail message to the electronic mail address and by signing your request with a secure electronic signature.

You may withdraw your consent to the receipt of commercial statements or participation in the surveys, lotteries, etc. organised by us at any time by sending an e-mail with the respective request to the electronic mail address or in person at the store/office of AM Furnitūra (Riga, Ķīšezera iela 9).

If you believe that our policy for work with your personal data is inappropriate, you are entitled to submit a complaint to your national data protection authority in the EU/EEA. With regard to Latvia, this authority is the Data State Inspectorate. The contact information of the Data State Inspectorate is available here:

11. Policy changes

We reserve the right to review and amend this Policy. The information on the amendments made will be indicated on our website, where the current version of the Policy will be available as well.