Points of sale

Furniture fittings wholesale and retail

Visit AM furnitūra shopping center and warehouse in Riga, Ķīšezera iela 9 for further information on the ready to use furniture fittings solutions and manufacturing options. Here you can see and touch almost all the furniture and door fittings in stock, get in-depth information from a sales specialist, as well as purchase available items on the spot. Wholesale purchasers are welcome to sign a cooperation agreement right there in our office. In a pleasant atmosphere we will help you pick a set of furniture and door fittings you need.

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Furniture fittings sale online

Visit the online store, where you can easily select and order furniture fittings without leaving home or office. Here is all you need in order to get furniture parts you want quickly and easily – simple ordering process that enables you to see the availability of goods in stock, pay online, book items, view order history, get information on related and substitute items, see the items at special prices, see the latest promotions, and take advantage of many other benefits. Find Out More

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