Plastic and acrylic gluing

Laminates or acrylic layer gluing on boards and components

Turn your most original furniture design ideas and plans into life by using the opportunities provided by our press service!


  • You are not restricted by the standard material thickness anymore! Now you can glue laminates on materials and components of any thickness between 4 – 60 millimetres. Minimum order size is only 0.5 sheets!
  • You can combine different decors on each side of the board, which allows you to implement new and original design ideas even in small projects, since the minimum order volume is just a single sheet.
  • During the gluing process, only glue is heated instead of heating the whole board, which prevents overheating of the surface layer. It is particularly important for acryl layers, because this is the only quality way to glue the acryl. In the end you will receive perfectly smooth and correctly constructed boards.
  • We use polyurethane glue, which ensures complete humidity protection and, compared to other glues, is at least two times more adhesive.
  • The manufacturing process in our company is carried out in a sterile, dust-proof environment that prevents imprints and scratches on the workpiece surfaces, while the stable temperature mode ensures gluing quality according to the manufacturer’s standards. Due to high quality manufacturing technologies and thorough approach, we can help you to create the furniture design of your dreams!

Bürkle plastic and acrylic gluing machine

  • Designed for single-side hot-melt glue application on board workpieces and application of decorative materials by use of rolling press.
  • Rolling gluing line. The principle of operation is different from the most of presses used in Latvia – the first roll applies the polyurethane glue, which is followed by precise placement of the plastic, and then the workpiece is moved through the second roll, which presses down on the decorative layer.

Automatic processes during manufacturing:

  • Workpiece movement through the machine
  • Workpiece levelling
  • Workpiece cleaning and pre-processing
  • Glue layer application on the workpiece by use of the thermal glue application device
  • Pressing of cover material by use of the rolling press

 Manual actions:

  • Loading and unloading workpieces from the transporting device
  • Cover material placement on the workpiece
  • Manufacturing parameter entry in the control panel
  • Preparation of required work materials (surface layer material, thermal glue etc.)

By combining our experience in furniture part manufacturing, high-quality manufacturing technologies and quality materials, we will help you to create your furniture design solutions!

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