Furniture parts manufacturing

We make furniture parts by individual order.

Thanks to latest technologies, we are able to provide consistent high quality service and fast delivery process, which includes the full production cycle.

Fast online ordering and pricing are provided by our online form OMDA.


Cutting of all types of sheet materials with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm/m, providing complete protection of the material surface against scratches

High precision CNC drilling and milling

Edge banding with AirTec technology – where edge is not glued to material but melted.

  • Moisture and dust does not accumulate on furniture – therefore not creating visible dark joint lines
  • No risk of the edge peeling off due to contact with heat (kitchen steam)
  • Edge polishing for acrylic sheets



High quality

  • Furniture parts without visible connection
  • Polished edge joints for acrylic parts
  • Precise drilling and milling
  • Computerized quality control


  • High-yield equipment
  • Fully automated order acceptance and equipment management
  • Organized work processes

Convenient and profitable

  • Wide range of fittings and Egger materials
  • Festool tools and accessories
  • Fully finished furniture parts
  • Material waste is not included in the price of parts

Our goal is to be a reliable and safe ally that can make your work process more convenient, faster and provide everything you need to make furniture in one place

To place an order or find out more – feel free to contact us!