Business partners

We work with over 40 suppliers, including the world’s most prominent brands in the furniture fittings.

Häfele – your gateway to the world of furniture and fittings

Häfele GmbH & Co KG is a world-known fittings manufacturing and trading company which always offers innovation in both door and furniture fittings technical solutions. It supplies high-quality products at an affordable price. For more information visit

Blum – perfecting motion

Blum is an internationally recognized company that provides high quality furniture fittings to manufacturers, dealers, furniture assemblers and buyers worldwide. For more information visit


EGGER is a leading manufacturer of board materials in Europe that with its own design and product innovation sets the main trends in the industry. For more information visit

Mandelli – Italian style and quality

Discover the door fittings made by an Italian company Mandelli – each model is a designer work and the author’s name will add value to every home interior. For more information visit


The fundamental values of the furniture fittings assortment manufactured by Rejs are the use of the modern technological design programs and high-quality materials in manufacturing of goods. For more information visit

Italiana Ferramenta

Italiana Ferramenta specializes in the manufacturing of iron accessories for high quality furniture industry. The company’s credo is quality and originality. For more information visit


One of the leading Polish companies manufacturing fittings and accessories for a variety of furniture and door industry market segments. For more information visit


A company that deals with design and manufacture of steel, aluminium and zinc decorative elements, mainly working in the field of fittings, structures and interior design. For more information visit

Sibu Design decorative panels

Original and innovative solutions – those are the words that most accurately describe the products group, the analogue for which is not easy to find all over the world. For more information visit

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