Board materials

Egger boards and edgings

Order high quality boards and edgings for your furniture from Egger’s wide assortment. We sell 1/4 and 1/2 sheet or ready-to-assemble furniture parts. You don’t have to overpay – order and receive the exact amount of material you need. Laminated chipboard, MDF, plywood, decorative panels, worktops – select and pick up the material for great furniture at your convenience!

Why choose Egger materials?

  • Natural structure. You can feel the texture of real wood, roughness of natural stone or softness of linen fabric when touching the surface of the material. Any imitation material offered will not live you feeling disappointed during the entire lifespan of the furniture.
  • High resistance to wear and tear. The board materials are resistant to scratches or other common damage that may occur when using furniture. As a result it serves a long time and looks as good as new without losing its functional advantages.
  • Resistance to moisture. The plastic material is glued to the visible side of the worktop and moisture resistant paper is glued to the hidden side. It insures complete protection of the worktop from moisture.
  • Board density and absence of foreign matter. Clean chipboard of high quality ensures that sawing furniture during its manufacture does not create chipping or unaesthetic drilling holes. Screws and fittings hold fast, and the furniture is made without defects caused by cutting equipment.

More offers for your design ideas

  • Gloss acrylic boards. Material based on high quality MDF, coated with a glossy acrylic layer that gives your furniture a beautiful look and long service life.
  • Painted and polished MDF.
  • Decorative panels, bamboo and leather (imitation) decor (coating).

Purchase of furniture parts online and in the shopping center

We offer a quick and convenient way to select and order the necessary board materials and furniture fittings at our online store We always look forward to welcome and consult you at AM Furnitūra shopping center in Riga, Ķīšezera iela 9, where you can discover a wide range of solutions, see and touch a variety of materials, textures and parts, try out the mechanisms and get new ideas for original interior design.

Delivery where requested

We deliver any sheet materials and fittings to any location you specify by our Mitsubishi Fuso truck, which is especially suitable for convenient and safe transportation of board and sheet materials.


Need help getting board materials? Feel free to contact us!